October 18, 2014


denim and denim, leopard denim shirt, shorts, cork sandal, zara long strap bags, travelled to Tuscany
denim and denim, leopard denim shirt, shorts, cork sandal, zara long strap bags, travelled to Tuscany
Midway through our visit to Tuscany we visited Pisa and I wore this fun leopard print + denim shirt I snagged from ebay. it's one of the most conformable shirts I own. I team it with mom shorts from topshop and their cork double strap sandal - seemed ideal for a day of long stroll on the streets of Tuscany.
denim and denim, leopard denim shirt, shorts, cork sandal, zara long strap bags, travelled to Tuscany
denim and denim, leopard denim shirt, shorts, cork sandal, zara long strap bags, travelled to Tuscany
denim and denim, leopard denim shirt, shorts, cork sandal, zara long strap bags, travelled to Tuscany
Photos by Rosie Reid.
Shirt - Ebay, Shorts and Sandal - Topshop, Bag - Zara, Rings - H&M

October 09, 2014


ph -Rosie

It seems my favourite pastime of late is raiding my mother's closet. I would ask 'mum do you have any old school clothing you don't wear anymore for me' she answers no, but it's because she thinks I will have no interest in such clothing, errr What! Thanking my lucky stars I happened to be around when she was clearing her closet to give stuff away. I was surprised how many gems I found, I couldn't believe they were just going to be given away. I packed most of them away and now when I have time I go through them to pick some pieces to incorporate in my wardrobe. I have plans to alter some of them to suit me style - not so much the size because I turn to like clothes baggy on me any way, I find them more conformable. Pretty much half of the clothing I took to Italy with me, had been 'passed on' from my mother.  

If you know me personally you know I love vintage clothing a lot. It's not so much because of the history but the fact that they are so different from today's clothing. The tailoring is different, the cut, the fabrics, and the colours, all things I love, which is why I love my mum's old clothing. Some of them aren't even that old circa 1990's but I feel a special way when I wear her clothing, it's an amazing thought and feeling to wear something that she wore, probably at the same age I am now.  

This top/dress has a lot of details to it, I love the colours, the buttons, the overlap folding with subtle stud sequence on them and also that it fits loosely. I paired it with black short with lace details and silver shoes, the only pair of shoe I took with me on holiday. I planned the outfit with no idea which shoes I would wear with but I think the silver worked well with it in the end.

Thanks to my home slice Rosie Reid for taking these photos, you did an awesome job.

Top dress - Mum's, Bag and Shoes - Zara, Shorts - Selectclothing, Sunglasses - Flea market 

October 01, 2014


I am not exactly sure how and when it happened, but at some point the phrase 'holidaying under the Tuscan sun' became interchangeable with cool. And as my luck would have it I spent last week there enjoying the Renaissance cities of Florence and Pisa with some of my amazing friends, a rather big group of friends. Italy treated us so well. We stayed at a beautiful house in Vicchio a province in Florence, 30 to 45 minutes away from Florence city centre.
The streets are so charming, full of character and seemed so much was going on 'when it wasn't their siesta, yes that was a little surprising to me, I thought siesta was only a Spanish thing but I didn't know Italians did the same. Around midday some shops close so that their proprietors can go home for a long lunch or a nap. Although I didn't notice this in Florence, probably because it was very populated by tourist. Let's face it, it would be a shame to travel miles to visit a museum or church to find out that it's close for the afternoon. Some of the streets of old Florence were very small, you would struggle to drive a big car through. It was fitting to their architecture and probably practical too as most the locals were using mainly really small cars and vespa bikes. 

I was reminded of old buildings in Ghana whilst wandering through the vibrantly coloured houses with decorated block coloured wooden louvered window. 

Sat in front of the Santa Maria del Fiore (Duomo) Florence Cathedral - We couldn't go in as we weren't covered up enough.
The food in Florence is great, I know pizza is synonymous to Italy but I went crazy for seafood spaghetti, I only had spaghetti dishes each time we ate at a restaurants. Seafood caught by local fishermen is a real treat. The food wasn't always a hit - firstly not being able to understand the italian menu made it all the more difficult to order good food. We had a hard time trying to find a trattoria (on a recommendation from an italian) that was open for service - a trattoria is an Italian-style eating establishment which is less formal than a restaurant, serving simple Italian dishes and also turns to be cheaper.  When we did find one in Bologna they food didn't live up to the expectation. Still we indulged in gelato and flat bread bread, prosciutto and mozzarella sandwiches. 

Window shopping was fun, I couldn't resist taking pictures of their wonderful window displays. It was a shame I did come across these shops when they were open.

How was your experience in Tuscany? Do you have favourite city in Italy?