July 25, 2014


Clothing all from Topshop, headscarf from H&M, earring from alexia leaf

Apologies for the lack of post, I have been inundated with work but I decided this evening come what may, I will finish up one of the many drafts of post I have prepared to share with you. I took these last month in Birmingham for a friend's birthday. So let's talk a little about white clothing this evening. To me summer is synonymous to in fashion and beauty white clothing and clear skin - so no makeup or little makeup. There is sometime about pristine white against the sun that I just love. When I am shopping this time of year I like to buy most things in white. I love that you can always recycle whites, the sun top i'm wearing is from Topshop last year's collection and the bottom is the year before that or even longer. The only new item is the cork flat sandals.

Other white clothing I'm currently loving

on tumblr
Stampd leather backpack Grafea leather rucksack

Mango campaign
Calvin Klein SS14
ICB Japan SS14

July 13, 2014


Always go for the vegetarian spring rolls over the meat option, they are the best.
Tasty mocktails, a couple of my favourites are goji berries, mango and mint and lemon and lychee 
Tried dim sums wasn't for me, tried dumpling and I've never looked back.
Their menu card - check the all the food you want to order on there.

I hope you are all having a great sunday. Remember I mentioned in my last post that I will share with you my current home away from home, ping pong restaurant. I am the type that likes to take all the fun out of something at a time before I can move on. Good for this restaurant I have been on it for a good few months and I am still not over it. I always try to find a nearest branch when I'm out and want to grab launch. I will google the nearest ping pong branch to go and always feel disappointed when there isn't one local. I can go crazy when it comes to food. Quality food, quality services, super tasty and at times healthy.

You guys have to try it! I cannot recommend it enough. I recommend their mushroom, vegetable and black bean rice pot (nutritional fact: vegetarian, gluten free, vegan, seafood free). ; seafood dumpling ; mixed vegetable spring rolls and the goji berry mocktail.

ADDRESSS:  8 locations in London. SOHO 45 Great Marlborough Street W1F 7JL
PRICE: ££ 

Have a good week ahead folks and catch you later.

lots of love xoxo

July 03, 2014


I love that I have this vintage wrangler jacket, I bought it when I lived in the Netherlands. There were so many great vintage shops around especially in Utrecht for reasonable prices. In Amsterdam there were also some good shops but they turn to be overpriced. This denim jacket is one of my best clothing which have serve me well haha!. Because it always come in handy when I'm not in a mood of planning or giving much thought into an outfit. I just grab it and throw it on, and nine out of ten time it works. On the other hand this harem trousers was one of those buys, when you get home try it on again and think to yourself,  why did I get it? what was I thinking? I was thinking that I like the skull and aztec - esque 'I will call it' design on it but it felt so weird and odd when I tried it on. They still do, it's like the feeling when you wear clothes the wrong way around, with the back in front. I have had it for a few years now and didn't particular liked it until recently. I think it looks best dressed down in converses or flats. I tried them on once with dressing up boots and didn't like it very much. Once you get pass the weird feeling element of it or get use to it, it's actually comfortable to wear.     
I took these photos after a visit to my new home away from home - ping pong restaurant and had a lovely lunch there. I could eat their food everyday. Recently I have been there more times than any other restaurant in the city. I always forget to take pictures on my visits but this time around I did not. I took some lovely pictures of their good food. I shall share them with you in the next post.