April 16, 2015


The great thing about having an all black uniform to work is that I can easily transition a work look into an evening wardrobe. It is really handy, seldom that I will have to go home and change for dinner, drinks or other occasions after work. You may want to swap one or two things to completely turn it around, some people would swap a jacket, change shoes and or add a red lip to finish off their look, depending on the occasion, in my case I did not change much with except the bag - from blue to black, I felt a black bag would ground the look much more.

I'M wearing boots from Zara, Shirt dress - Mango, Jacket - Jaeger, Bag- H&M  

April 10, 2015


Standfor is striking up conversations with their unique footwear! They describe their shoes "as not just a footwear, they represent action, people who walk for a reason". Their unique designs are made with micro fibre as their main component and it's leather free. The unusual gap between the feet and the outsole of the shoes, is a patented feature they have called channel which enhances the shoe ventilation and allows you to walk more lightly with greater comfort.

Aside from their unique designs, their shoes have another aspect to them - each of their collection brings you a new statement, one that in my opinion is  subtle, suggestive with their smoke less collection "They communicate ideals you support" based on the believe that issues must be spread, in order to be felt and then solved. My view on brands making meaningful statements with their products is that the products themselves should be enough to attract people - Standfor has mastered this with their unique designs of shoes. Looking at the shoes above you would not notice right away that the first  cool grey shoes with a classic feel is imparting a message about smoke or the beautiful sea blue coloured shoes are about the lungs and breathing. The scientist part of me loves the meaning behind each of their design. As fashion pieces/statements alone, I love these shoes, the quirky loving in me gets really excited at the site of them. 

I have collaborated with Standfor to present to you their exclusive pre-sale campaign!
Available online at novelty eye x standfor  

April 05, 2015


Hi all, it has taken me a while but I made it, I'm back. Clearly I haven't mastered the skill of blogging through all life happenings. It's a working progress so bare with and a huge thank you for you all who have still been popping around on this space while I have been on hiatus. I know it can be off putting when you visit blogs time and time again, hoping for new posts - only to find an old post you've seen a dozen times already. So thank you for coming back again.

Now on to my outfit  - I love this 80's colour grid cardigan sweater. I bought it a few years ago from a vintage shop in Brighton I don't remember what it's called but Brighton have some cool vintage shops so next time you are around check them out. It is perfect for me to add some colour to my work wardrobe. My work uniform is black - everything black and if you've been following my blog for a while you know I love colourful clothing - bright punchy colours at that, so it's unfortunate for me that I have to wear black all the time for work. 

Because the weather is slowly getting warmer by the day I can wear such cardigan with a little layering without a thick coat and I will be okay. I am wearing a black shirt dress from Mango underneath - perfect for work; the cardigan over it and on top the cardi a military style jacket from Jaeger which really grounds the look - not too far from my usual uniform with a little peak of colour if necessary.

Clearly I have gone a step further breaking the all black rule with the silver shoes but I have a thing for silver shoes currently. I have been leaving in these pair from Zara, they have started to look really distress which in turn has brought about a different attraction to them. You will be surprise how many things go with silver shoes. 

I hope you guys like this post, leave a comment below on your thoughts. see you next time!

Happy Easter! Thoughts and Prayers for all the victims and families of Garrisa University Assaults in Kenya. It breaks my heart. #JesuisGarrisa